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We have many ways in which you can participate:

The Cooper Center Endowment – helping to secure our financial future

Cooper Center General Support – help support current projects

Event Sponsorship – businesses and corporations can sponsor public performances and gallery exhibit

In-Kind Support – volunteers and donations of goods and services help to keep program costs down and create new opportunities

Thank you for your interest in supporting the J. Darryl and Terry I. Cooper Center for Creative Arts. Through the years, the Cooper Center has received significant support from grants, private donations, and in-kind contributions.

Through the Ark Memorial Foundation, you can make a contribution that will help ensure that all people, regardless of ability, can experience the arts without boundaries and without limits!

Donations should be made to the Ark Memorial Foundation and are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

If you are interested in contributing to the Cooper Center or would like more information, please contact:

Mindy Krause-Hoopes, Development and Training Manager
Cell Phone: (307) 399-2901
At Ark: (307) 742-6641

If you wish to donate to the Creative Arts Endowment you may do so by using the button below.












2015 - 2016 Funders
The Guthrie Family Foundation
Wyoming Arts Council
City of Laramie
Rocky Mountain Power

Cooper Center Endowment Donors
January 2015 – December 2015

In Honor of Sharon Burman
In Honor of Mary Guenzel
In Honor of Chris and Bernie Machen
Rosemarie Aridas
Mike and Rita Basom
Basic Beginnings
Janet Bessler
Norm and Dottie Bock
Donald & Margaret Boyd
Charlie DeWolf & Mary Burman
Sharon Burman
Mr. and Mrs. Al Carollo
Randy and Gretchen Carpenter
John and Lynda Coyle
Keith & Mary Joe Downey
Thomas & Sally Edgar
First Interstate Foundation
First Western Financial
Eric Nye and Carol Frost
Rod and Sandy Garnett
Lily M. Godlewski
Michael & Alison Harkin
Carolyn Hazlett
E. Jackson Family
Shirley Kingston
Michael & Jeanie Mahaffey
Michael and Jennifer Markum
Bunny Mason
Judy McBride
Maureen McCloskey
Bonnie and Raymond Miller
Keith & Joyce Miller
Ranie Lynds & Ami Nagler
Tim and Shirley Pratt
Paul Rechard
The Roxas Family
Robert and Patricia Sell
Marie Sheaffer
John & Heidi Shutterle
Ronald Sniffin & Sage Productions
Steve and Ruth Sommers
UniWyo Federal Credit Union
John and Maribett Varner
Anndee Gilliam and Nick Zakis

January 2016 – Present

Trudy Snyder for Nathan Snyder
Petersen Family
Marie Sheaffer
Scott Hocker
Marilyn Hall
Jenny Ingram
Mary Garland
Klaus and Janet Hansen
Vera Ehle
Edna Jackson
Tom and Kathy Burman
Chris and Kathryn Boswell
Michael and Jeanie Mahaffey
The Naughty Pines Derby Dames Inc.
Nancy Fillion
Bunny Mason
Greener Paths Inc.
Silver Salon - Sara and Shannon
Marie Sheaffer
Jennifer Sell
Kayc DeMaranville and Bob Sell
Sonya Moore
Dolores Petersen



Thank you to the Guthrie Family Foundationfor supporting the Cooper Center for Creative Arts

Thank you to the Wyoming Arts Council for supporting Ark's live theatre productions. Ark's theatre productions will be supported in part by an award from the Wyoming Arts Council through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Wyoming State Legislature.