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Kayc DeMaranville holds a B.F.A. in Acting and a Master’s Degree in Theatre History and Criticism from the University of Central Missouri. Kayc serves as Artistic Director of the Cooper Center for Creative arts and is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for additional education programs at Ark Regional Services. Kayc believes that life-long learning strategies are the key to successfully navigating and experiencing the world in which we live and that the arts are an excellent way to teach these skills. The classes she has taught at the Cooper Center include Acting, Scenic Design, Play Reading, and Nia® and she also is director for the performances produced at the Cooper Center. Kayc has been employed at Ark Regional Services since 1999.


Wendy Hoover serves as Education Coordinator for the Cooper Center for Creative Arts and other education programs at Ark Regional Services. One of her primary duties is to teach instructors different strategies and methodologies for learning to improve student success. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago and believes that exploring language, whether through literature or self-expression through writing, enhances people's understanding of their world and who they are as people. Wendy’s passions include the art of tea, exploring cultures through literature, music, and food, and she is an avid knitter. Wendy has been employed at Ark Regional Services since 2000 and is a MANDT® and CPR instructor for the organization. 


Heather Malek is the Education Supervisor at the Cooper Center for Creative Arts. She has been with Ark since November 2013 and teaches a variety of classes including theatre history, performance, and theatre design. Heather is also involved in the Youth Arts Initiative. She has a background in theatre, as well as communication and instruction.  Heather was awarded a BFA in theatre from the University of Wyoming where she studied acting and costume design. Heather is currently completing a Master of Arts in Communication from UW focusing on interpersonal communication and instruction.