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Progressive Arts Opportunities for School Aged Children with Intellectual Disabilities

The mission of the Youth Arts Initiative at the Cooper Center for Creative Arts is to provide an arts experience for school aged children with intellectual disabilities in an engaging and fun environment.

There is abundant evidence which suggests that experiences in dance, theatre, music, and art help typical children develop intellectual, social, and physical skills necessary to participate to the fullest extent possible in today’s society. Evidence also supports the notion that children who participate actively in the arts are able to translate those skills into opportunities as adults in the job market. The skills acquired are proven to be even more applicable.

The Youth Arts Initiative can:

Increase self esteem

Foster thinking skills

Improve cognitive functioning

Improve gross and fine motor skills

Improve strength, balance, and stamina

Enhance communication strategies

Teach the value of teamwork and cooperation

Classes are offered for varied age groups in different disciplines. Classes in dance and theatre allow children to have a fun experience while increasing body awareness, control, balance, and coordination. Visual arts classes allow students to explore their creativity through painting, drawing, and sculpture. Music classes teach children rhythm and dynamics in a delightful environment of self-expression. All classes run concurrently with the school calendar. Please contact us for current schedule and availability information.


If you are interested in registration or would like more information, please contact

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